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By Iris london-Zolty 06 Feb, 2017
This year, the Agnes and Beny Steinmetz Foundation marks ten years of activity. The foundation decided to celebrate this festive occasion by gathering all those engaged in the foundation's work.

The 10th anniversary event took place on October 30th 2016, at the Tel-Aviv Art Museum. It was attended by dozens of representatives of organizations supported by the Foundation over the years, as well as delegates from government offices, members of other foundations, the Foundation's board, and many more friends and guests.

An exhibition of posters titled "The People We Waited For" decorated the walls during the event, presenting the 50 nonprofits and organizations the foundation has supported in the last decade.

Friends who have been with the foundation from the very beginning and influenced its policies and activities made touching speeches. Analytic data regarding the number of children the Foundation has aided since it was founded was also presented. Dominic, a teenaged boy who is currently participating in the 'Asher Ruach Bo' pre-military program for youth at risk in Mizpe Ramon, told his touching story. He described his struggle to build a normative life for himself and join the military, and thanked the preparatory program, which is supported by the Foundation, for helping him succeed. Mr. Beny Steinmetz described to his audience what brought him to establish the Foundation and shared his philanthropic plans for the future.

There was an atmosphere of togetherness throughout the event. It reflected the humble path Agnes and Beny Steinmetz set out on, and it's ongoing expansion thanks to the help of the numerous good people the two have met along the way.

A collection of comments from the event:

Thank you so much for inviting us to the touching and enchanting event yesterday. We are happy to be part of such an important foundation that is successfully generating change. The evening was wonderful, the singer was great, and the movies were brilliant. It was a lovely surprise. Looking forward to many more years of collaboration.

Love and best wishes,
Yaron, Yael, and the whole 'Yeladim' staff.
Yael Banai- Yeladim – Fair Chance for Children

Thank you for inviting us to the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Agnes and Beny Steinmetz Foundation. I had the pleasure of meeting charming people, rubbing shoulders with foundation members who work behind the scenes to do good, and learning about the impressive scope of the Foundation's activity. We are thankful for the work we have done together. We are proud to be your partners and hope to continue our fruitful collaboration. Once again, many thanks for the support and warmth you have given the children of our organization.

Kind regards,
Avivit Katz- The Israeli Society of SOS Children's Villages.

It was an impressive and touching event. You managed to assemble everyone, and fill them with a sense of pride, unity and uniqueness. And above all, as always, was your warm, sincere and supportive smile that inspires us all. You are unique in the local environment, you pave the way for others, and it is a privilege to witness this time and again. Thank you for the invitation and the beautiful souvenir (I took the poster). Thank you for the space you granted us.

With love,
Yarden Kotler- Sapir College.

I want to thank you for a beautiful evening. I felt as if I was in a nature reserve for good people and good deeds, and it was…elating!! It was a privilege to get to know Beny and Agnes (through the video clip), and now I have the full picture of the people contributing to our society with great love and humility. Well done!!! We are happy to be a part of all this… Keep up the good and successful work.

Much love,
Michal Natan- Katzrin
By Iris london-Zolty 09 Aug, 2016
This week marks the completion of the second cycle of a unique training course, initiated and operated by the Agnes & Beny Steinmetz Foundation. The course was designed to train prospective managers of Early Childhood Services, which will be operating in local authorities throughout Israel. The Foundation, which has been involved with promoting early childhood services for a decade, launched the course – the first of its kind in the country – one year ago.

The Early Childhood Services Manager position is a new role. Although not yet statutory, it is already implemented in numerous authorities. The Foundation aspires to establish an Early Childhood Services Department in every local authority in Israel, and for it to be led by a professional who is capable of managing and promoting its deliverables effectively, for the benefit of children and their families.  

The course was developed by the Agnes & Beny Steinmetz Foundation after we realized that there was a shortage of candidates with in-depth knowledge in the field of child services, and who understand the organizational and managerial complexities it entails.  

In the local authorities where the Foundation operates, Early Childhood Services Managers have been appointed, and substantial insights into what the role requires have already been gained. This is why every session of the course takes place in a different local authority, and is delivered by people with front-line experience.  

The first cycle of the course was successfully completed last year, and a considerable number of its participants have since been appointed to key positions in the field of early childhood services.  

In light of the success of the first course cycle, the Foundation decided to run the program again, and its second cycle will be concluded this week. We are really excited about this ongoing journey, and it looks like the course will offered again next year..  
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